On the picture: Ivan Pavlovskyy, a little skeptical… cheerful and open to the world.

Ivan Pavlovskyy

CEO, co-founder, author of Incrypted

On the picture: Ivan Pavlovskyy, a little skeptical… cheerful and open to the world.

Ivan is CEO and co-founder of Ukrainian crypto-media Incrypted. 15 years in internet marketing and more than 4 years in crypto. He takes exclusive interviews, is a speaker at events – he has a lot to say. He is able to formulate complex things in simple words.

His home is Mykolaiv, he lives here and loves this city with all his heart for its special vibe, pace of life, family, friends, seagulls, rivers and sea. It is this place and these conditions that made Ivan what he is now.

How can Ivan be useful to you?

he can be an interesting partner in a conversation on such topics:

Cryptocurrencies. Endlessly can have an informative conversation on any topic related to blockchain, cryptocurrencies and WEB3.

Content strategies. He has been developing content strategies for different types of businesses for over 10 years and has been very successful at it.

Building of WEB3 ecosystems. From scratch will help to understand the current trends and prospects in this area.

Media support for the crypto industry. Experienced in creating effective PR-campaigns and content strategies for blockchain projects.

Expert comments on financial topics. Happy to provide commentaries on financial topics for your publication.

Organization of crypto-events. Experience in organizing turn-key events for thousands of participants: from idea to after-party.

Evaluation and validation of crypto startup ideas. Helps to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses of projects, professionally runs crash tests.

Philosophical and practical thoughts on the meaning of existence, music and parenting…

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a few diplomas, certificates and other honors

Certificate of Completion “Content Strategy for Professionals”

The “Content Strategy for Professionals” training course was successfully completed and a well-deserved Certificate was received.

This certificate confirms Ivan’s expertise in content marketing and ability to develop strategies that effectively attract and retain audience. He is now ready to create quality and targeted content that will help to achieve business goals and strengthen a company’s online presence.

Specialist Diploma of the Odessa National University named after I.I.Mechnikov

Ivan is a proud holder of a Specialist Diploma from Odessa National University named after I.I. Mechnikov, specializing in “Management of Foreign Economic Activity”.

This confirms his in-depth knowledge and skills in international business, trade and foreign economic analysis. With this qualification, Ivan is developing his career and taking an active part in global economic and trade processes.


companies that Ivan works closely with

Effortlessly create and distribute innovative decentralized apps across any blockchain, while helping build a more open web, with the NEAR Blockchain Operating System.

WhiteBIT is one of the largest crypto-to-fiat exchanges in Europe. We offer various products and tools to suit experienced traders and new market entrants.

The interplay of decentralized protocols combined in the 1inch Network provides the most profitable, fastest and secure transactions in DeFi.

The team joined forces to develop groundbreaking products in the space of censorship-resistant distributed systems. Today the ecosystem encompasses a crypto neobank and Trustee Wallet.


if you don’t want to read, but you want to know who Ivan Pavlovskyy is


welcome to a world where every picture is a piece of Ivan’s history

Ivan’s projects

global things to be proud to work on

First national NFT collection featuring сats of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (UKR)

The UACatsDivision means 10,000 unique NFT hero cats on the Ethereum blockchain.
A TD cat, a marine cat, a pilot cat, a police cat, etc. Everyone who defends our freedom today will find themselves among the fluffy heroes. (UKR)

Incrypted Conference 2023

On June 11, we held the long-awaited Incrypted Conference 2023, which featured many speakers and representatives of crypto projects, a panel discussion with the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, a pitch session of startups and a cool atmosphere!


EdCoin X
The only crypto news channel to date that is easy to get into. It’s a great pitch. Thank you. Special thanks for the Cats, which will become famous in due time…. (RUS)
Anton Vladimirovich
Awesome format, the video is 5+ Vanya is a great guy, he explained it clearly (I wish it was always like that), and plus for the metaverse. (RUS)
Lada Manuilova
I was looking for information about NFT as an artist – I found you, I got interested in crypto for the first time, subscribed, great job! I’ll keep following, good luck!) (RUS)
I’ve been interested in trading since 2020 but have not progressed, but now it’s time to think about my future and I started digging the materials and your interview was very informative on what to do and how to do in the initial stages. (RUS)
Sergiy Bobkov
The best Ukrainian channel in the field of blockchain! Very high quality content. (UKR)
Max Grigoryev
Your jokes are great, I watch with a smile and pleasure. and I’m getting smarter🙃(By the way, only you from your team can do that))😄 (RUS)


Can Ivan help to promote a crypto startup?

Yes, but you need to realize that time and resources are not unlimited. The more primary data and task descriptions are prepared in the project intro, the more likely a positive outcome.

How to invite Ivan as a speaker for an event?

Ivan is very sociable person and open to everything new, so he is happy to be a speaker at many profile events dedicated to blockchain, cryptocurrencies, WEB3, NFT. The only thing you need to agree in advance is the schedule, free slots and other conditions. Don’t delay with this:)

Where can I find Ivan Pavlovskyy’s contact information?

You can try searching the internet, public registries, ask people you know, check with the crypto community, or just go one screen down:)

How do I apply for a job at Incrypted?

All current vacancies can be found on the editorial page at https://incrypted.com/editorial/. Find what you like and become a part of the Incrypted crypto-family!